I’ve always been interested & passionate about photography. I also have a slight OCD for perfection and I love to geek out on technical details. So the choice to be a photographer was a perfect match.

I very quickly realised that being a good photographer did not mean you would be a successful photographer and that led me into the world of marketing.

The psychology and strategy of it all intrigued me and the more I learned the more I found that there is never really a single right answer but more a collaboration of ideas that come together to hopefully lead to a fruitful outcome.

I know a lot of businesses struggle with marketing and I love that I can help ease the burden by taking care of the photographic component of their marketing by understanding their brand and their message and giving them a service that pushes the business forward.


Brief: Thunder Head is an IT company who wanted headshots with a unique look for their staff that reflected their branding. Staff come and go from around the country so it needed to be done over multiple sessions.

Outcome: I have created a series of headshots on different occasions. Having a good understanding of the client's branding and detailed systems documenting each clients’ needs when undertaking work ensures a consistent look across all images.   

Headshots are a big part of what I do. In this time of social media and connected workplaces it is important to have a professional corporate identity.

I love the challenge that corporate headshots bring. I try my best to keep it as quick and painless as possible while still getting a comfortable stance and expression.

People hate me when they come in for headshots, but I like to think they hate me less when they leave.

Mills Oakley.jpg


Brief: Mills Oakley are a law firm with a modern image. Their offices are very clean in look and feel and they have a very friendly and vibrant staff. They wanted clean modern headshots of their staff and also some casual portraits for their annual report.

Outcome: Pure white background headshots offer a modern look, is simple to setup in the office and is quick for the staff. People rarely like getting their photo taken, even less like having a corporate photo taken. Keeping it as quick and painless as possible for them while still getting a great result is a challenge that I enjoy.

"Wow. That was relatively painless" - Perpetual Employee, Headshot Client

One Steel.jpg

Brief: One Steel required images for their eastern creek facility. These were to be used for various brochures and to show the plant at this point in time to keep for historical reference.

Outcome: I delivered a set of interesting images that both showed the day to day operations of the plant but also had strong graphical elements useful for design layouts. 

A strong consistent brand is important to marketing success. My understanding of marketing principles and knowledge of the photographic craft means I understand what you are trying to achieve and can help you bring it to life. It is amazing the how a single shot can look completely different depending on how it’s lit, camera position, lens choice and technical settings. Balancing these aspects is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Perpetual Annual Report.jpg

Brief: The wealth management company, Perpetual required images for their annual report. They needed to be bright and natural, look un-posed and include texture and close up shots for backgrounds.

Outcome: Working co-operatively with the design agency we were able to meet the requirements of the brief with images that suited the layout. Getting a natural light look isn’t as simple as turning all the lights on. It takes careful placement of flash heads and experience to setup, execute and remain within the small time frame available when working with busy senior management.

Showcasing products takes time and patience.  Dealing with reflections, shadows, and fine detail is enough to make you pull your hair out. Thankfully I have the patience and the OCD to get it just right.

XB1 RC-2.jpg

Brief: The Spaceship are an ideas agency preparing PR campaigns for big name brands. A campaign that saw them nominated for agency of the year was an Xbox race entry into Australia’s most iconic motor race the Bathurst 1000. After helping with multimedia input for the initial pitch I was asked to shoot the RC car they had made for promotional material.

Outcome: Clean and crisp product shots on a simple white background ready to use as is, or be etched into a brochure by a designer.

"This is our photographer Sean. He makes my events look amazing.."  Kaela - Event Co-ordinator, The Spaceship

Brief: Frasers Property were launching a new development in Sydney. Part of the marketing strategy was a PR campaign which included an invitation launch event aimed at being featured in the major weekend newspapers. They required images showcasing the event that they could submit along with the story.

Outcome: Images were delivered, prepared in the format and size required just hours later. These type of events normally require quick turnaround of the deliverables to capitalise on the momentum of the campaign.

What you need at an event is a ghost. Someone everywhere but never seen. You want to capture the energy of the event and the key moments. You need the photos delivered quickly to capitalise on the PR opportunities and you need it done without fuss.

NAVY Big Game.jpg

Brief: The Navy ran a unique recruitment campaign by bringing 2 professional gamers to the EB Games Expo. After a visit to their state-of-the-art simulator at Watsons Bay Navy Base. I was asked to showcase the event and to convey the success of the campaign.

Outcome: Images and a showreel of the event helped the organisers report successes back to their managers helping secure future approval of “outside the box” ideas.