A day at the track

My brother has some great mates. They chipped in to get him a race car drive for his 30th. He asked if I wanted go along to Eastern Creek and watch him be Mark Webber for a day and I said yes.


The day I discovered my superpower...

Everyone has some form of mild super power. Maybe you can turn on the radio to the same song you are humming to yourself, maybe you can cook your oven chips perfectly without reading the directions or even timing the cooking time, maybe you are good at maths..

Me, I'm a noticer.

I didn't pick up on it at first because I thought everyone noticed things. The first time it came to my attention was when I was about 14. I stopped my Mum walking across a carpark because I noticed diamond shaped headlight bulbs, inside the headlights of one of the many 100's of regular headlight bulbed cars we were walking past. Mum wasn't fascinated by the headlight bulbs like I was but she had a bit of a chuckle at my intrigue.

It was 15 or so years later before somebody was so impressed with my noticing skills, that it prompted me to realise that I wasn't weird like everybody else had told me.. It was my gift.

There were a carload of us traveling past Toyota's national parts warehouse in Sydney. No big deal, 70km/h multi lane road, we were on our way to dinner.


However in my usual fashion I interrupted the conversation to turn everyones attention to the spikes on the fence..


They were little Toyotas on there. Very nifty I thought.

My friend however was struggling to comprehend how I managed to notice a tiny detail on a fence 30 metres away while traveling at 70km/h mid conversation..

"It's what I do" I said "I am a noticer.."

I try and use this mild superpower I have in my work. I often forget that others don't pick up on all the things I do so a lot of what I enjoy gets enjoyed only by me. The idea of this blog is to exercise my mind into capturing more every day detail, and sharing pictures I make, and stories I like, with anyone who is interested.

I hope it inspires others. Remember, everyone has a superpower, find yours and embrace it.

Work time can also be playtime.

You know you are in a job you love when in a break from your "work" you still want to do more "work".

I love the light pattern coming from the chandelier hanging below the frame here.

I was at a job in a pretty fancy venue and spent a bit of my... waiting time, amusing myself with the architecture. 

Cool Ceiling.jpg

Chasing Shadows

I was shooting some actors headshots the other day and before we started I noticed the direct sun beaming through the window onto the lounge. I had to start by grabbing this shot as that light wasn't hanging around long.

Gemma Window.jpg

I see this kind of shot as chasing shadows more than chasing light.

More and more people are trying to get their cameras to capture a greater dynamic range, being able to see all the shadows and all the highlights, as you can with the naked eye. But I think photography will lose a lot of it's charm when or if they succeed.

Website is coming along..

I almost have a complete website. It's only taken 4 years to get to this point but you know, you cant rush these things.

9 minutes to midnight.. I might call it a day soon. I will have a real post one of these days too.. Honestly

In the meantime enjoy this monkey